Option 1

Single Session 
(Live over Zoom)

A 60 minute 1 on 1 session which seeks to get to the root of any challenges or traumas you may be facing and help you energetically clear it away so you can become more in-tune with your Life Path and receive clarity about any questions you may be facing in your life, including Love, Finances, Career/Purpose, and Life Mission.

-60 Minutes and recorded so you can watch back any time!

-Session(s) are customized to fit your needs. During sign up process you are asked about your top 3 intentions for each session!

-Sessions may include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Channeled Guidance from your Guides/Angels

  • Energy Healing/Entity Removal

  • Tarot Reading/Intuitive Soul Guidance

  • Astrology/Birth Chart Overview, Reading, and Analysis

  • Love Compatibility/Twin Flame Readings

  • Online Business Coaching

  • Detailed Healing/Spiritual Progression Instructions

  • Health/Wellness Guidance

  • Help on connecting with your own intuition, Guides, and/or Angel team

  • Wherever else the Guides ask us to go and/or channel



-Towards the end I typically recommend a "follow up"/game plan for you for next steps to ensure you reach your goals! I am also available via email after sessions for continued integration/questions.

$300 / 1 hour

Option 2

Monthly Guidance Container

My Premier service designed to provide rapid, ongoing, and transformational practices and channeled guidance that will assist you in healing your inner traumas, discovering and stepping into your True Life Mission, and creating abundance, resilience, and independence in your Life. It also includes ongoing support for questions, help integrating after sessions, and clarity around current life situations.

-Four individual 60 minute sessions/month (1 per week)

-Ongoing Support and Communication throughout the week via video messaging app (Marco Polo-View or Download

-Weekly "homework" to continue self-practice healing and up-leveling your Spiritual Connection and abilities

-At least 1 additional mid-week "check in" to ensure accountability to practices and answer any questions regarding your life circumstances channeled from the Guides! 

-Additional "Emergency" Sessions/Personal Readings offered at half off ($150) when needed and if available

-Astrological Birth Chart and Human Design Charts Interpreted and sent to you for reference into your Life Purpose and insight on how to live in alignment with your energetic "type!"

-Detailed Instructions after each month to ensure you are setup for success in all areas of life in accordance with the Guides and your own Soul's Journey!

$2000 / 1 month



“During a confusing and sad time in my life out of nowhere Brandon’s videos started appearing on my TikTok feed. Truthfully, I never expected to find more than some dance videos on TT  and I was not searching for anything at all let alone tarot related content, but alas I was wrong.


What struck me initially, if I were to be completely honest, is how normal of a guy he seemed. He did not fit the mold for other spiritual talents I had come across before. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to have a reading with him. It was very important to connect 1-1 and have a live conversation. Admittedly, I do carry a bit of skepticism and prefer not to share anything upfront, because I want to gauge how legitimate and authentic I think the person will be…come on don’t tell me you haven’t done the same!


 The session itself far exceeded my expectations. Brandon truly is gifted and our conversation provided a lot of clarity, reassurance and a sense of calm in a lot of different areas, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. You may not always hear what you want to hear on a subject, but it’s what you need to hear and know in your heart. I highly recommend a session focused on Akashic Records—it was a first for me and really mind blowing. That said, I know any session will be of great value and certainly intend to have one again in the future.”

—  Margaux Rabin,

     January 2021