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33 minute Intuitive Tarot Reading
(Pre-Recorded 4k Video)

Personalized, Channeled/Intuitive Reading that comes in the form of a 4k video link that you can download and keep for life! Up to 3 questions answered with specific Clarity in any area of life or Love! Sent straight to your email inbox within 3-5 business/working days after ordering unless otherwise noted.

Channeled/Intuitive Personal Tarot Reading

4k Video Recording

(3 questions, 33 minutes!)


Are you ready for everything in your current life circumstances to change? Have you been waiting to truly see and hear what your Guides, Angels, and Higher Self need to show you? Are you ready to take action but lack the clarity or direction to know which actions to take and/or where and how to take them?

This reading is for YOU!

This is a 33 minute Channeled, extremely in-depth video recording sent back to your inbox within 3-5 business days that has the answers to 3 very important questions you have. This could be about Love, Career, Purpose, Destiny, or anything else you NEED to know or see right now!

This recording gives the time and space for complete, specific, and in-depth Channeled clarity and advice for you to completely understand and gain the understanding you need to move forward and/or work through your current circumstances. 

Your questions can be about Love, Destiny, Work, Purpose, Career, Finances, or anything else you'd like Channeled Answers and Specific Clarity about.


This will answer each of your 3 questions directly, specifically, and concretely and if it doesn't, I will personally work with you to ensure that I answer what you ask of me and the Guides in a way that makes sense and that you can take action with. This is a recording you can keep for life whenever you need it-and it WILL be life-changing to say the least!

WHat people are saying about psychic readings with brandon:

"Brandon gave me wise counsel on my personal abilities and how to potentially utilize them. I’m now more motivated to finish my current book and explore more ways to promote it.

I especially appreciated his honesty because I had asked about love but in my birth chart and the tarot cards, he saw more personal growth in the coming year. I think too many readers out there give what you want to hear rather than what they see.


Thanks Brandon and I wish you luck and much success in your future."


-Megan Silletti

"Brandon has done a reading for me and also a reading for my husband.


If you have been considering having a reading done by Brandon - let this be a sign to move forward and reach out to Brandon!


Brandon is effortlessly authentic. The reading I received was very detailed, thorough and extremely personalized. He offered the guidance and clarity I was looking for!"


-Ashley Linton

"Brandon is absolutely amazing. His abilities with tarot, channeling one's guides, and astrology are off the charts. I have worked with many people over the past 20 years and I have never trusted someone like I do Brandon. He is sensitive to your needs and is very thorough. There really are no words to express how much he has helped me on my journey. He will not disappoint!"

-Heather O'Neal

PLEASE READ after purchasing:

THANK YOU! For choosing to work with me. I look forward to seeing what comes through...


This allows me to know WHICH EMAIL is best to speak with you so I can understand your question(s) and let you know how quickly I can get your reading back to you! On average it is 3-5 business days after I receive your question(s) and typically shorter for audio-only! Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you!

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