LIVE 1 on 1 SESSIONs and Soul Development Leadership Group

60 OR 30 minute virtual session(s) via Zoom that seek to uncover your Soul's deepest Purpose, Channel/Clarify what you need to know, and HEAL your deepest Traumas and Inner Wounds so you can find True Love and Live your greatest Soul Purpose.

Live 1 on 1 Session

This is a 1 time 60 OR (new) 30 minute Live session which allows Brandon to use the full extent of his Intuitive and Healing abilities to get to the root of any challenges or traumas you may be facing and help you remove them instantaneously so you can step into your Love, Purpose, and Mission as well as receive Channeled clarity about any situations you may be facing in your life, including Love, Finances, Career/Purpose, and Life Mission.

This is a transformational Healing, Channeling, and Spiritual Experience that will profoundly shift the way you feel, look at life and your current situation, and possibly choose to move forward into your Purpose. Please only book if you are fully prepared to go DEEP into your Subconscious/Soul and release all that holds you back from your Love and Destiny in this moment!

This session can also be recorded if you prefer so you can keep the replay (and all the channeled Guidance) for Life!

$375 (1 hour)

$255 (1/2 Hour)

Healing Packages
Leadership Group Access

For those of you ready to take your long-term healing and Destiny to the next level, I also offer long-term/multiple-session packages that allow you to work with me over the course of a period of time and save some money (per session) while you're at it!

In addition, as an extra bonus for those of you who choose to work over longer-term periods of time with me, You also get full access to my exclusive client-only master healing group where you will get to meet, interact with, and even help (if you want to contribute!) other clients along your same path and journey co-ran by myself, Paola, and other Leaders within the Twin Soul/Healing Space.

We will keep in touch on a weekly basis to check in as and when necessary and I will custom-tailor your healing sessions for whatever you're looking for. The added group will regularly post free content designed to accelerate and synergize with your 1 on 1 sessions so you can reach your Love and Healing goals and share your story (if you wish!) so all can see and be inspired.

In doing so, you will also get to practice your Leadership abilities and understand through actual participation with others HOW your gifts and experiences have shaped you as a natural leader. You will be with others doing the same thing and thus, by association, will grow as an individual.

I limit this group to current and former LONG TERM coaching clients only. That way we know just how serious and committed each individual is to be in the group and ready to step into their Deeper Purpose here on Earth.

This group seeks to go beyond Love/Relationship and help to empower you to change the World on a greater scale and/or reach your goals alongside your Soul Collective. Are you ready to train, Young Master!? 

See below for more details on how to get started!


Image by Andrew Neel

Each Option below INCLUDES Lifetime access to the Soul Mastery Group, Custom-Tailored Personal Sessions to meet your needs and goals; an additional 30 minute "intro call" to meet and plan out the course of our sessions, and all recorded sessions sent back to you with lifetime access. Sessions can be planned at YOUR pace and are typically weekly or biweekly unless preferred otherwise. We work around your current schedule!

Option 1
($150 total savings!)

2 Live Single 60 Minute Sessions with me; Access to Soul Dev. Leadership Group


Option 2
($250 total savings+30 Minute "Planning" Call!)

4 Live Single 60 Minute Sessions with me; 30 Minute Introductory Call; Soul Dev. Leadership Group


Option 3
All the Bells and Whistles!)

4 Live Personal Sessions with me; MARCO POLO VIDEO CHAT access to me for in-between session integration and support; 30 minute Intro Call; Soul Dev. Leadership Group; 2 ten-minute recorded Tarot Readings for additional Channeled Guidance in between sessions!