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Live 1 on 1 guidance, healing, and soul-calling sessions (monthly coaching container!)

Personal Monthly Coaching via Zoom that seeks to uncover your Soul's deepest Purpose, Channel/Clarify what you need to know, and HEAL your deepest Traumas and Inner Wounds so you can Manifest or deepen your True Love Relationship and Live out your greatest Soul Purpose on Earth. Includes Follow-up support between sessions, weekly "homework," and Marco Polo (video chat) access with Brandon directly for Intuitive Guidance and in-depth support for your healing/ascension process. Only available at selective times during the year and to a limited number of clients!


*update* as of 06/08/23 Live 1 on 1 single Sessions and new coaching clients are closed until further notice. Brandon is taking time to pursue his youtube channel and creating online courses! You can stay up to date if/when he reopens by following him on his ig "btspeaks"


four 1 on 1 live Sessions each month.

What exactly do they entail? 

Each~60 minute Live session allows Brandon to use the full extent of his Intuitive Channeling and Healing abilities to get to the root of any challenges or traumas you may be facing and help you remove them almost instantaneously so you can step into your Purpose, find Clarity and Motivation, and Heal your Body, Mind, and Heart/Soul. Each session is designed to be a transformative, magical, provocative, and life-changing experience. Over time, they are designed to change the fabric of your very being (in a good way!) so you can step into your truest life purpose and manifest your deepest desires.

This is a transformational Healing, Channeling, and Spiritual Experience that will profoundly shift the way you feel, look at life and your current situation, and possibly choose to move forward into your Purpose. Please only book if you are fully prepared to go DEEP into your Subconscious/Soul and release all that holds you back from your Love and Destiny in this moment!

This session can also be recorded if you prefer so you can keep the replay (and all the channeled Guidance) for Life!

Citrus Fruits

Coaching Container Pricing and Details:

(Not currently available)
(Payment Plans available upon request/Shop Pay financing approval! please email to request this/more information)
included for you:
-UNLIMITED Channeled Advice, "Check ins," Help Integrating sessions, and Direct Communication with Brandon via Marco Polo Video Chat

-FOUR sessions included each month (scheduled weekly at your convenience)+a 30 minute "Intro Call" to go over goals and intentions (included with each monthly renewal)

-Flexible to meet your specific needs and work around your schedule-Sessions can be scheduled up front or on the go with a custom link only available to YOU

-Weekly Homework, Teachings, and Spiritual, Financial, and Emotional "Growth" plan custom-made for YOU each week depending on what you'd like to accomplish

-Accountability Check ins: We set goals each month we work together and keep track of our progress each week

-Transformational program designed to bring out the BEST in you and give specific clarity on your truest Soul Purpose as well as in Health, Finances, and your Relationships. 

This is my premier service designed to help you HEAL, first and foremost, AND give you direction and purpose in your life. Now, and for the long-term. We will meet once/week at your chosen day and time (excluding weekends) via Zoom and go through a fundamental healing and clarifying process to help you understand why you are here, HOW you can heal your blockages physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and what you need to do in order to move forward into your greatest life purpose.

This is for you if:


-You're ready to DO the work just don't have the direction or know how or what to do to heal or grow Spiritually

-You're tired, depressed, anxious, and know you have lots of inner "baggage" that needs to be released to help you see more clearly and find your path

-You enjoy feeling more enlightened, clear-headed, and extra-energized throughout your day after deeply transformational emotional/energetic work

-You're looking for a teacher to show you the way forward on a journey into your deepest Self so you can Heal and Change the World-you aren't here for mediocrity or complacency!

-You love the process of learning and/or diving deep within yourself to find new ways of being, healing, and helping others

-You want to learn life-long tools, techniques, and Spiritual Knowledge to have for the rest of your life which can you use to your benefit and the benefit of others around you and in your path

-You want to start a Spiritual Business some day and/or see yourself using your gifts to help others and you want to learn how!

What can I expect working with Brandon?

"One of the most impactful hours of my life! Brandon led me through some deep healing of things I weren't even aware were playing in the back of my head. Highly recommend a session!"


-Anais Eslami


Brandon is an incredibly talented and intuitive reader and coach. The environment he creates is safe and welcoming, and his approach is very knowledgeable and personable. In our sessions he is generous with his time, and is available to answer questions as I process the information that comes through. In the short time we have been working together I have seen immense growth in myself and have a deeper understanding of what I was created to do in this lifetime. 10/10 would recommend working with Brandon.​

-Stephanie Orr


Brandon excels at helping his clients get to the root of their issues enabling them to remove any blocks they have. It was such a pleasure to work with him 1 on 1. Since the end of our session I have felt empowered and lighter. I highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity!


-Laurie Shields


It was a great experience working with Brandon. He is precise and straight to the point. He gave me the clarity I needed and the guidance that I have been looking for. I highly recommend working with him and I am looking forward to working with him again. You won’t be disappointed.


-Lisette Ricafrente

I have been following Brandon on social media for quite some time now, tuning into live readings and such. I felt that I had a few puzzle pieces missing in my life to help create my full picture, so I decided to do a 1 on 1 live zoom session with him. Let me tell you, that hour session changed my life. Brandon was able to tap in intuitively and find the puzzle piece that was affecting every area of my life, and he helped me heal this part of me to then help me thrive and live the life I was meant to lead on this earth. I write this review 72 hours after our session and it hadn't even been a full 24 before I noticed the shifts. Brandon's gift of coaching changed my life and I know his skills will continue to change so many lives. Book your reading/session with him if you feel you need any sort of clarity, because I can guarantee that he will shed light on any blockages or energy surrounding a situation and help you find the best path to leading your best life. Thank you so much, Brandon!


-Abby Jaros


I had one session with Brandon and it was just what I needed to shift my life into a different direction. Brandon said very powerful words and provided me with a technique to connect with my guides and God, which had been mindblowing. I've never had bigger trauma release, and that was exactly a turning point of my life. Some words from the session I keep repeating to myself daily to stay grounded and on track.

After the session and trauma release I had been feeling increasingly calmer and better and my next steps are much clearer. I finally have an energy to follow up on some of my long forgotten dreams, as being stuck in trauma and depression took all of that energy before.

I think you have to be really ready to work with Brandon, but when you are - it's definitely worth it. 




I highly recommend a session with Brandon! We did a live zoom call and it was just like I was in the same room as him. The clearing and clarity I received from my guides was exactly what I needed at this time. I physically felt the energy moving through my body, and by the end of our session felt the much needed release and removal of some darkness that had been attached to me. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Brandon! He's the REAL DEAL!!


-Camille Cox


See Even More Reviews on my Google Business Page Here:

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