I help you live a better life with the Magic of Empowerment Astrology and the Esoteric Sciences. I help you create better Health, Wealth, and Love in your Life, for the REST of your life.

Brandon Tobias


Empowerment Astrologer, Soul Purpose and Manifestation Coach

I teach you how to Manifest a better life by helping to improve your Health, your Wealth, and your Love life with Astrology and the Esoteric Healing Sciences reframed for the Modern Age. I do this by using Astrology and Intuitive Guidance to lead you towards your True Purpose in life so you can ultimately find fulfillment by Changing the World and giving back to others.

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Hey there!

My name is Brandon and I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my website and my services. If you're here, you're likely going through your own journey of Self-Discovery and finding out exactly who you are and what you're here to do on this Earth. Or, you're just curious about who the heck I am!

Either way-I'm glad you're here. Let me get straight to the point. I'm here and this website exists to help YOU and anyone else who dares venture into the unknown of their own Soul's Destiny. It exists for the brave Soul who chooses to fight for a better life and not one filled with complacency, stagnation, and/or doubt. I exist to help those of you who WANT a better life and to experience all that the Universe has to offer you. And the three main areas I've been chosen to help humanity with is Health, Wealth, and True Love.

If those are things you'd like to pursue, in your life, I am here to Guide you there and show you exactly how you're meant to attain those wonderful things.

More than that, along the way, I'm also going to show you your Purpose in Life. What does that mean exactly? It means the way YOU were designed by our creator to reach and impact as many people as possible so you can-quite literally-Change the World.

Why is this essential-and why not just live for yourself and pursue Health, Wealth, and Love, you may ask?

What I've found is that in EVERY human, there is a deep, existential and inherent need to reach FULFILLMENT of their Life Purpose. This is the state where they've accomplished everything that they've set out to do for themselves, and find themselves in a position where they are so happy inside that they choose to give back to others.

Once you've reached this state-you've fulfilled your True Purpose here on this Earth-which is ultimately to reach such a state of accomplishment and fulfillment in your own life that you can spend the rest of your days giving back to others. This is our true state of "beingness" and how it was always meant to be but has been lost by Society.

Unfortunately this natural direction in life has been taken away from us due to the way our Societal Systems are and, even more unfortunately, Forces in power that have created these systems to attempt to keep humanity from evolving. 

I'm here to break the chains that bind all of us down, to give you and everyone else your Freedom, and to show you the true meaning of your life.

I do this with the Science of Astrology and the Esoteric to give you personalized and intuitive Guidance to shift the aspects of your body, mind, and life that aren't working anymore so you can step into what does. I use my gifts to help you rapidly heal and understand your own Soul's Journey. And most importantly, I teach and EMPOWER YOU along the way so you can be your OWN BEST REFERENCE : )

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of who I am and why I'm here. If you'd like to find out more about how I might be able to help you please click the link below and feel free to email me with questions : )

I look forward to getting to know and work with you. Thanks for reading! Blessings to all who read this : )

Until next time-



How I Can Help You:

Channeled Intuitive Guidance/Tarot Reading 
(Pre Recorded Video)


This is a 30 minute HD video with direct, Channeled, Intuitive Guidance through the Magic of the Tarot to share specific advice and insights into your current situation in order to help you make a decision to move forward in life for your Highest Good. Provides Clarity, reassurance, confirmation, and up to 3 questions asked/answered during your reading.

LIVE 1 on 1
Soul's Calling Intuitive Guidance Session 
via Zoom


This 60 minute Live 1 on 1 session will give you immediate Clarity on what's going on in your life right now and where things are headed, Channeled advice from your Spirit Guides and/or Angels on your next direction to go, and any inner/emotional healing/Health advice necessary to reach your next goal(s) in Life. Also includes Theta Healing techniques to instantaeously remove limiting subconscious beliefs and replace them with Unconditional Love so you have nothing holding you back from Manifesting your best life. This is a Highly Transformational session so please be prepared to go DEEP and reap the rewards of your work!

Empowered Astrology Chart Reading
(Pre-Recorded Video)

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This is a 30 minute HD Video Recording going in-depth into your Soul Purpose in accordance with your Astrology Natal chart. It is sent straight to your inbox 3-5 days after purchase. Click below for more information!



“During a confusing and sad time in my life out of nowhere Brandon’s videos started appearing on my TikTok feed. Truthfully, I never expected to find more than some dance videos on TT  and I was not searching for anything at all let alone tarot related content, but alas I was wrong.


What struck me initially, if I were to be completely honest, is how normal of a guy he seemed. He did not fit the mold for other spiritual talents I had come across before. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to have a reading with him. It was very important to connect 1-1 and have a live conversation. Admittedly, I do carry a bit of skepticism and prefer not to share anything upfront, because I want to gauge how legitimate and authentic I think the person will be…come on don’t tell me you haven’t done the same!


The session itself far exceeded my expectations. Brandon truly is gifted and our conversation provided a lot of clarity, reassurance and a sense of calm in a lot of different areas, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. You may not always hear what you want to hear on a subject, but it’s what you need to hear and know in your heart. I highly recommend a session focused on Akashic Records—it was a first for me and really mind blowing. That said, I know any session will be of great value and certainly intend to have one again in the future.”


Margaux Rabin

unnamed (1).jpg

My Relationship Journey

(How I came together with my other Half, Paola


If you would have asked me a few years ago about "Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates, Karmics," and all the rest of the apparent Spiritually aligned Divine Counterpart relationships, I would have laughed. "That's a bunch of nonsense. People who live in the clouds."

Part of that is very true. There is a "fantastical/Illusionary" element to this journey. I've experienced it and many people I've counseled have too.

That doesn't mean it isn't real to those of you who've experienced it.

When I started this "True Love" journey I had just gotten out of a year-and-some-change relationship that, for the first time, I felt was "the one." After we separated, and in the year-and-some-change period of being alone, I was "forced" to face the journey towards my true Soul Purpose and began reading Tarot online and for Youtube/Tik Tok. Little did I know, that path would lead me to finding and being with my Divine Counterpart (the person I'm meant to be with/spiritually aligned for life) and a LOT of internal healing, World-shattering realizations, and the journey into my true Divine Masculine energy.

When I met Paola, I was still "taken," Spiritually and Emotionally, from what I now refer to as the "false Counterpart" Not the person meant to be in a lifelong partnership with, nor sharing the same frequency of your Soul, but the person who replicates the qualities of your true Counterpart and in doing so "hooks" your Soul and stimulates your Spiritual Ascension and healing so that you can ACTUALLY come together with your lifelong person.

THAT, and NOTHING ELSE-will bring us together with our Counterpart. The (sometimes forced by external circumstances and relationships) essential internal healing and stepping into our True Soul Purpose as a result of that healing.

It's how I found Paola-ironically and incidentally-on Tik Tok-where I was putting out the majority of my True Love Tarot Videos at the time, as she was as well.

The moment I saw her page, I recognized the need to reach out. Prior to this, I had allowed my magnetic qualities to attract in those feminines who might be a good match. But this time was different. I couldn't help myself but follow her and message her, immediately, on Instagram. 

Her end of the story is also similar in that, she "happened" to be on one of my Collective Love Livestreams doing Tarot, and mentioned IN THE CHAT that I'd "be hers" and also to her friends at the time that she "wanted HIM just like that..."

Neither of us would have met should we have strayed away from our True Soul Path/Purpose and shied away from Tik Tok and/or Tarot Readings-which is exactly how we met. Now that we are together we are growing and evolving deeper and deeper into our missions individually and together to Change the World, and becoming who we are truly meant to be.

From that moment when I reached out and she opened to the conversation our journey began. Not without it's MANY ups and downs, terrifying and awe-inspiring moments, and everything in-between.

We've been lead and united by God to help each other grow, heal internally, and change the World. Initially through Tarot, though that has evolved now into my true calling of Astrology and the Esoteric Sciences, and showing others how to unite within themselves first, so they can be with and Unite with their other Half here on Earth.

It's required both of us committing to the journey of Self-Love, Committed Partnership, Internal healing and staying true to our Alignment with the Divine and our True Soul Purpose here. And the reward has been nothing short of everything this journey promises: True Love, Happiness, Fulfillment, Abundance, and a Mutual Dream come true.

Now we are here, just like everyone else, growing together, learning, and still making mistakes as we seek to Embody True Love, Destiny, and True Spiritual Partnership to ourselves and to the World. We are not perfect, we are only people-and we've learned a few things in our time together that we hope to share with whomever is ready and willing to unite with themselves on the most challenging journey of their lives.

In doing so, I'd like to answer one simple question, that will seek to answer what most people, deep inside, may be curious about.

Is it worth it?

That answer, unequivocally, forgotten sometimes, but never lost entirely in the sea of triggers, wounded parts of our Souls crying out in pain, and epic transformational loving mental breakdowns transmuted into ever-deeper union, both within and to ourselves and to one another, is YES.


This journey is not about the other. It's about the Self. You are two parts of the same Soul incarnate in two different human bodies/versions of you. But you are ONE. And when you realize that simple truth and treat this "journey" as coming closer to your own Soul, you will Unite. Not just with yourself, but with "them," and all of Humanity at large.


When you've done that, and only then, you will have completed the journey. But until then, and even as I speak now, we've got lots of work to do : )


Thanks for reading and I hope this is inspiring for those of you on this epic journey to Unite with your other Half here on Earth. 


More so than that, I'm here to help you heal those triggers, wounds, and "old stories/parts of YOU" that keep you from GOING AFTER your Soul's true purpose.


If you're in need of some help with that, I hope to see you in our next livestream or in a 1 on 1 soon. And until then-keep going. You got this!


With all my Love-


Brandon (And Paola), all the Guides, Angels, and Masters, and our Higher Collective Selves helping us reach the state of Union and Bliss that awaits us all, Now and in the future.