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Brandon Tobias


Channeler, Astrologer, Intuitive Guide and Healer

My mission is to help you find your Inner Truth and Clarity so you can move forward with passion, purpose, and excitement to live out your deepest and truest Life Mission.

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How I can Help

How I Can Help You:

Live Monthly Coaching Container (work directly with brandon for direct, transformational growth and accomplishing your long-term goals)

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Work with me in a Monthly Coaching Container which allows for a magical, transformative experience between the two of us as we work together to exponentially increase and maximize your long-term happiness through inner transformative work, business/long-term financial success, and of course manifestation of True Love. See more details by clicking below!

Personal Channeled/Psychic Reading (Pre-Recorded) HD Video

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Get a Personal, Pre-Recorded Psychic Reading that allows your Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, and Ascended Masters to Channel EXACTLY what you need to hear/know right now in Love OR in Life. Full HD Video, Channeled Messages, and a 3-5 day turn around!

Channeled, In-Depth Astrology Chart Reading on Soul Purpose, Money, Career, Love, Destiny (Pre-Recorded)

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This is a super in-depth, Channeled, detailed Astrology Chart Reading that allows you to discover up to 3 major areas of your life destiny and recommended actions to be in alignment with your best self. Can be about Career, Overall Destiny, Soul Purpose, Love, Money, and/or Healing journey. 30 minutes, HD Video and a 3-5 day turn around time!



“During a confusing and sad time in my life out of nowhere Brandon’s videos started appearing on my TikTok feed. Truthfully, I never expected to find more than some dance videos on TT  and I was not searching for anything at all let alone tarot related content, but alas I was wrong.


What struck me initially, if I were to be completely honest, is how normal of a guy he seemed. He did not fit the mold for other spiritual talents I had come across before. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to have a reading with him. It was very important to connect 1-1 and have a live conversation. Admittedly, I do carry a bit of skepticism and prefer not to share anything upfront, because I want to gauge how legitimate and authentic I think the person will be…come on don’t tell me you haven’t done the same!


The session itself far exceeded my expectations. Brandon truly is gifted and our conversation provided a lot of clarity, reassurance and a sense of calm in a lot of different areas, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. You may not always hear what you want to hear on a subject, but it’s what you need to hear and know in your heart. I highly recommend a session focused on Akashic Records—it was a first for me and really mind blowing. That said, I know any session will be of great value and certainly intend to have one again in the future.”


Margaux Rabin

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Hey there!

My name is Brandon and I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my website and my services. If you're here, you're likely going through your own journey of Self-Discovery and finding out exactly who you are and what you're here to do on this Earth. Or, you're just curious about who the heck I am!

Either way-I'm glad you're here. Let me get straight to the point. I'm here and this website exists to help YOU and anyone else who dares venture into the unknown of their own Soul's Destiny. It exists for the brave Soul who chooses to fight for a better life and not one filled with complacency, stagnation, and/or doubt. I exist to help those of you who WANT a better life and to experience all that the Universe has to offer you. And the three main areas I've been chosen to help humanity with is Health, Wealth, and True Love.

If those are things you'd like to pursue, in your life, I am here to Guide you there and show you exactly how you're meant to attain those wonderful things.

More than that, along the way, I'm also going to show you your Purpose in Life. What does that mean exactly? It means the way YOU were designed by our creator to reach and impact as many people as possible so you can-quite literally-Change the World.

Why is this essential-and why not just live for yourself and pursue Health, Wealth, and Love, you may ask?

What I've found is that in EVERY human, there is a deep, existential and inherent need to reach FULFILLMENT of their Life Purpose. This is the state where they've accomplished everything that they've set out to do for themselves, and find themselves in a position where they are so happy inside that they choose to give back to others.

Once you've reached this state-you've fulfilled your True Purpose here on this Earth-which is ultimately to reach such a state of accomplishment and fulfillment in your own life that you can spend the rest of your days giving back to others. This is our true state of "beingness" and how it was always meant to be but has been lost by Society.

Unfortunately this natural direction in life has been taken away from us due to the way our Societal Systems are and, even more unfortunately, Forces in power that have created these systems to attempt to keep humanity from evolving. 

I'm here to break the chains that bind all of us down, to give you and everyone else your Freedom, and to show you the true meaning of your life.

I do this with the Science of Astrology and the Esoteric to give you personalized and intuitive Guidance to shift the aspects of your body, mind, and life that aren't working anymore so you can step into what does. I use my gifts to help you rapidly heal and understand your own Soul's Journey. And most importantly, I teach and EMPOWER YOU along the way so you can be your OWN BEST REFERENCE : )

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of who I am and why I'm here. If you'd like to find out more about how I might be able to help you please click the link below and feel free to email me with questions : )

I look forward to getting to know and work with you. Thanks for reading! Blessings to all who read this : )

Until next time-


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