Hi there! My Name's Brandon.

I'm here to help you find your greatest passion and potential in Love and in Life. I'm a master of Tarot, Astrology, Healing, Bringing out your inner Intuition, Entity Removals, and removing blockages that keep you from living the life you deserve. See how I can help you below!

LIVE Healing/Cord Cutting/Entity Removal and Soul Clarity Sessions! (Spiritual Guidance+Soul Alignment)

Find your Soul's Greatest Purpose and your next steps with a Professional Tarot or Astrology Personal Reading!

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What people are saying working with Brandon...


“During a confusing and sad time in my life out of nowhere Brandon’s videos started appearing on my TikTok feed. Truthfully, I never expected to find more than some dance videos on TT  and I was not searching for anything at all let alone tarot related content, but alas I was wrong.


What struck me initially, if I were to be completely honest, is how normal of a guy he seemed. He did not fit the mold for other spiritual talents I had come across before. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to have a reading with him. It was very important to connect 1-1 and have a live conversation. Admittedly, I do carry a bit of skepticism and prefer not to share anything upfront, because I want to gauge how legitimate and authentic I think the person will be…come on don’t tell me you haven’t done the same!


The session itself far exceeded my expectations. Brandon truly is gifted and our conversation provided a lot of clarity, reassurance and a sense of calm in a lot of different areas, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. You may not always hear what you want to hear on a subject, but it’s what you need to hear and know in your heart. I highly recommend a session focused on Akashic Records—it was a first for me and really mind blowing. That said, I know any session will be of great value and certainly intend to have one again in the future.”


Margaux Rabin, January 2021

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Meet Brandon (and Paola)


Yes, I am currently in and Navigating a True Twin Flame/Twin Soul relationship. I am playing the role of the Divine Masculine and united through thousands of past-lives and past-life trauma, finally, with my Divine Feminine Counterpart. Together we are here to unite the Twin Soul Collective Together and change the World.


That is why I am here-to help from the Divine Masculine's perspective to Guide and Channel for the Collective the things they must know, do, and be aware of so that and before they can unite with their person.

The ways I do this are through Channeled Guidance and intuition. I am able to pick up on energy and messages coming from the Soul/Inner Essence of a person. I can also speak out and translate messages from our own Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher-Level Masters. This is my gift that I choose to share with the World in order so that we may all reunite and create the New Earth, together, once Society has deconstructed itself in order to be rebuilt. We must find our way to union! Both within ourselves (to our Higher Self) and to our Counterpart in True Love. Both lead to the same path and is part of the process. We cannot fully merge with/connect with our Higher Self until we've merged/reconnected with our Twin. This is why the process of the Twin Soul Journey is one of intense inner healing, trauma/shadow work, self-realization and pain. Lots of pain. But not without Higher-Level (Divine) Purpose.

The purpose of this journey is to help us not only unite with our Counterpart in Divine Union, but to also discover and step into our True Soul's Purpose/Destiny. Since both, at this time in Earth's destiny/timeline, are required in order to make it to our Highest Timelines as a society and as individuals, and the Twin-Soul Journey is designed to help speed up the process tremendously!


The journey of Twin Soul union is also one of Self-union and discovery of who one TRULY is and what they are here to do. It is a beautiful, Life-Changing, Healing, and Magnificent Journey. But only for those who are truly ready to ascend fully and completely in this lifetime.

My hope and goal is to be of service to as many Souls as possible who are new to or in the midst of navigating the Twin Soul/Twin Flame Journey and to help be a Guide for them as they come into Union to make the necessary changes, healing, and inner-work in order to come into full alignment with their destiny and their other-half. Please don't hesitate to email or message me if you have questions about the journey or about my services and ways I can help. Thanks for reading and I'll see you very soon on our next Livestream or Youtube Video!

With all of my Love and to the greatest Journey there is in Love and in Life,

Brandon Tobias

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